Image analysis (ENVI)

To perform image analysis and remote sensing, you can use ENVI (the Environment for Visualising Images) software. We can also show you how to use the software and help you interpret the data from it.

Remote Sensing

In brief, Remote Sensing covers:

  • The collection and interpretation of information about an object or surface, without being in physical contact with that object or surface.
  • The science of obtaining information about the environment by using electromagnetic radiation, such as visible and UV light, heat (infra-red), LiDAR and radar.
  • Imagery or spectral data commonly captured by satellites, aerial photography, airborne video and hand-held devices.

SPAN and Remote Sensing

The Spatial Data Analysis Network (SPAN) has the expertise to provide:

  • Interpretation of Remote Sensing imagery and spectral data
  • Access to aerial photography, satellite imagery, airborne video imagery and LiDAR
  • Training and support in Remote Sensing software

Get access to Remote Sensing Software

SPAN supplies and supports ENVI software. ENVI, the Environment for Visualising Images, is advanced, yet easy-to-use remote sensing software.

ENVI software can be accessed from SPAN to install on your local computer. Alternatively you can utilise ENVI on SPAN's Research Computer System.

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MADIS - Multispectral Airborne Digital Imaging System

MADIS is a four camera digital imaging system developed by SPAN to provide Charles Sturt researchers with a means of capturing digital images from an airborne platform.

HADIS - Hyperspectral Airborne Digital Imaging System

HADIS is a hyperspectral imaging system developed by SPAN and designed to fly on a remotely piloted aerial platform.

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