The Research Office maintains an up to date HDR Supervisors Register. Persons listed on the register are approved to supervise HDR students.

The register has two levels of Supervisors:- Principal Supervisors and Co-Supervisors.

Eligibility Requirements

HDR Supervisors must be currently engaged in research to support HDR candidates. Supervisors must have a HDR qualification, such as a PhD, or have an equal record of academic or professional achievement.

For detailed information, refer to the Higher Degree by Research Procedure.

Principal Supervisors

To become a Principal Supervisor, you must meet all of the criteria below.

  1. Be a member of the academic staff of the University or in exceptional circumstances be a person who has been granted an adjunct academic position of the University or approved by the Research Committee to supervise.
  2. Hold a Higher Degree by Research qualification or have an equivalent record of scholarly achievement.
  3. Be currently engaged in research or, for Research Professional Doctoral supervision, be a leading scholar or practitioner in the relevant profession.
  4. Have within the last five years been co-supervisor for a minimum of one year full-time equivalent of a candidate undertaking an HDR thesis.
  5. Have undertaken, or agree to undertake within a specified period appropriate training in Higher Degree by Research supervision as described below.
  6. Agree to supervise Higher Degree by Research candidates in accordance with University requirements.
  7. Be research active according to the current University criteria.

Principal Supervisors who do not meet their responsibilities and/or do not continue to meet the above conditions will be removed from the Register.


If you meet all the criteria above except for 4 and 7, you can be admitted to the Register as a Co-Supervisor only.

Supervisor Professional Development Series

The CSU supervisor training series is offered to staff:  who wish to be listed on the Supervisor register or who wish to enhance their supervisory skills.

    Research Active Status

    Your Research Active status is based on your research output over a three year period. Principal Supervisors must have current research active status at Tier 1 or Tier 2..

    You can find detailed information on this subject by reading the Definition of Research Active for the Purposes of Higher Degree by Research Supervision.

    Apply to become a Supervisor

    To become a supervisor, you must apply through the appropriate Faculty Sub-Dean (Graduate Studies).

    Academics must provide all of the following information to support their application:

    1. Details of academic qualifications.
    2. Details of previous experience as Principal Supervisor including the number and level of candidates supervised to completion and relevant dates.
    3. The areas of research in which the person wishes to be considered as a Supervisor.
    4. A list of research projects, funded and unfunded, undertaken as Chief Investigator in the areas of research nominated during the last five years.
    5. A list of publications (last five years) relevant to the areas of research nominated.
    6. Details of research supervision workshops attended at Charles Sturt University or elsewhere.
    7. Any other details required by the Faculty.

    Application forms