Outputs and reporting

Research Activity

Information on research activity is collected, verified and maintained by the Office of Research Services and Graduate Studies. The Australian Government allocates research funding to Charles Sturt University based on this data.


CRO - Charles Sturt Research Output is an open access digital archive, also called an institutional repository. It showcases research and scholarly outputs created by University staff and students.

Graduate Research Experience Survey

The Graduate Research Experience Survey (GRES) is offered to all enrolled graduate research candidates annually. The survey includes Likert scale statements, checkbox questions and optional open-ended questions across a range of topics to gain about the experiences of our candidates during their research program. The results are used to identify areas where there are gaps or opportunities for improvement, to inform new initiatives and highlight what we are doing well. It also allows us to better understand the experiences of our candidates across the faculties and different modes of study in order to better support and respond to any gaps in training or supervision needs.

The GRES is offered online in November-December each year and all candidates are encouraged to complete the survey.

For more information about the GRES please contact researcherdevelopment@csu.edu.au.

Definition of research

Through research and innovation, Charles Sturt University aims to generate meaningful outcomes for industry, government, businesses and communities.

National Assessments

Charles Sturt University participates in a number of external assessments conducted by the Australian Government, including ERA, EIA, and HERDC.

Institutional Assessments

Charles Sturt University's internal assessments, ROC and Research Active, inform our research planning and support mechanisms.