Excellence in Research for Australia

Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) is national assessment exercise managed by the Australian Research Council (ARC), which aims to identify and promote excellence across the full spectrum of research activity occurring within Australia's higher education institutions. The objectives of the exercise are to:

  • establish an evaluation framework that gives government, industry, business and the wider community assurance of the excellence of research conducted in Australian higher education institutions
  • provide a national stocktake of discipline level areas of research strength and areas where there is opportunity for development in Australian higher education institutions
  • identify excellence across the full spectrum of research performance
  • identify emerging research areas and opportunities for further development
  • allow for comparisons of research in Australia, nationally and internationally, for all discipline areas.

The unit of assessment is broadly defined as the Field of Research (FoR) within an institution based on the Australia and New Zealand Standard Classification (ANZSRC). The data covers all eligible researchers and their research outputs.

When is it?

The assessment occurs every 3 years. The most recent iteration, ERA 2018 was submitted in March 2018.

Data we use

The ERA submission uses retrospective data accessed from Charles Sturt University's various systems and repositories. For example, information relating to research outputs is sourced solely from the CRO repository.

How we prepare submissions

ERA submissions are prepared over many months with input from multiple sources. Information on research publications, researchers, research income, and applied measures are collated using an ERA-specific module in CRO. Data collection and optimization are conducted by academic and non-academic staff from across the University. All ERA activities are overseen by a Steering Group chaired by the DVC (RDI) that ensures the integrity and quality of the submission.

Your role

The ERA process requires accurate Field of Research (FoR) data. In this regard, researchers should ensure that FoR codes and apportionments (%) are present and accurate on personal profiles, research outputs and other information stored in CRO.

Find out how to edit and update CRO in the FAQ

Previous ERA submissions

Representations of Charles Sturt University's previous ERA submissions are available via the Office of Strategic Planning and Analytics (internal only). This site includes excellent dashboard views and comparisons to the national data set. Please note that you will need to download the free Tableau reader to view.

The Australian Research Council (ARC) has also provided detailed reports on previous ERA assessments.