Radiation Safety Committee

Charles Sturt University is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for its employees, and to ensuring that students and visitors to the University premises are safe from risks resulting from exposure to radiation used in either teaching or research.

The Radiation Safety Committee (RSC) was established to ensure the University complies with all relevant radiation legislation, and to ensure radiation safety measures are maintained and complied with across the University.

Terms of Reference

As per the Radiation Safety Committee – Membership and Terms of Reference, the RSC shall:

  1. produce a Radiation Management Plan incorporating guidelines, policies and procedures in the acquisition, handling, storage and disposal of radioactive substances, irradiating apparatus and the safe use of non-ionising radiation at Charles Sturt University (the University);
  2. ensure this management plan is available to all users of radiation at the University;
  3. receive and consider feedback on procedures as set out in the management plan;
  4. report to and make recommendations to the Vice-Chancellor's nominee, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research, Development and Industry), on measures needed to ensure all radiation safety standards are maintained;
  5. report to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research, Development and Industry) and Finance, Audit and Risk Committee on issues regarding compliance or legislation changes;
  6. report to the Legal Office of the University on any instances of non-compliance and material correspondence with regulatory bodies regarding these instances;
  7. consider the radiation safety and legislative implications of all proposed teaching and research conducted at the University involving the use of radioactive substances, irradiating apparatus and/or non-ionising radiation conducted at the University, and approve that all meet the required radiation standards;
  8. perform other duties as required under the current Radiation Control Act and the regulations, including the use of consulting radiation experts and radiation security assessors where required;
  9. receive and respond to complaints and issues of non-compliance raised by any person; and
  10. submit a quarterly written report on its activities to University Council via the Finance, Audit and Risk Committee.

For advice on radiation issues

For advice on radiation issues, please contact the Radiation Safety Committee by emailing RadiationSafety@csu.edu.au


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