Human Research Ethics

Charles Sturt University is required, like all other Australian universities and research organisations, to ensure that all research involving human participants must be conducted in accordance with the National Statement on the Ethical Conduct in Human Research (National Statement).

Proposals for research, involving human participants and/or materials, require review of their ethical acceptability. Reviews are undertaken by the Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) in accordance with regular meeting schedules. Research cannot commence without approval.

The University is committed to the highest standard of integrity.  The ethical conduct of researchers protects and supports the participants, the researchers and the reputation of Charles Sturt University.

The HREC considers each application in accordance to the four values outlined in the National Statement:

  • Respect
  • Research merit and integrity
  • Justice
  • Beneficence

It is the responsibility of individual researchers, including students and their supervisors, to ensure that their proposed research is ethically acceptable.


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Application and Approval Process

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Managing Approved Projects

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