Current research students

As an HDR Student, you have access to a wide variety of information, tools, resources and guides to support you on your journey.

You can visit the Student Portal or choose from one of the options below.

Candidature lifecycle

Important information to help manage your candidature and get you started on your journey.

Supervisory team

Your Supervisory Team has overall responsibility for overseeing, guiding and monitoring your progress.

Probation details

A candidate’s admission normally commences on a probationary basis for a period of up to twelve months (full-time equivalent).

HDR scholarships

There are a range of scholarships available to both domestic and international HDR candidates.

Progress and progress reports

MyResearch collects, stores and manages a range of research management information including progress reports.

Professional development

There is a variety of PD programs for HDR Candidates, Supervisors and Researchers.

Support services

Services which will support you throughout the research process from CSU and approved providers.

Your thesis

Information relating to completion of your thesis.

Publication and authorship

Advice relating to intellectual property and copyright considerations.

Indigenous support

Support is available to assist Indigenous staff and students undertaking research and study.

Research centres

Spaces where you can gain industry support for your research activities and collaboration with professionals.

HDR forms, policies and resources

See the list of forms and guides that support your candidature and research.