Three Minute Thesis

Congratulations to all our competitors in our 3MT Heats during Docfest! And congratulations to our 8 finalists!

Our entries are listed below together with the recording of the heats.

3MT Online Heats 1 - Monday 22 May, 2023.  MP4
Moderator: Paul Shaw.  Judges: Aspro Sandra Savocchia, Prof Brendon Hyndman, Prof Lena Danaia

Rohina Alim, Anticancer efficacy of radio active metal complexes with expanded coordination site
Annette Bowen, Horses need physios too; Assessing quality of movement.
Iswandi Iswandi, Towards an Enhanced Regulatory and Enforcement Framework to Combat Counterfeit Trade in Indonesia|
Dominic Kanak, Food Sovereignty
Ignatius Chida, Waiting for home-based care support services: Informal and formal care experiences of rural older Australians and their caregivers|
Olivia Brunton, The root of the problem: Phosphorus fertiliser use efficiency

3MT Online Heat 2 - Thursday 25 May, 2023.  MP4
Moderator: Paul Shaw.  Judges: Aspro Sam Bowker, Prof Leigh Schmidtke, Dr David Cameron

John Moy, Emergency Services Volunteering: a New Sustainable Model
Caitlin Slaney, Community participation for children with complex communication needs
Madeleine Ray, Flying without wings: Parasites of Australian native ducks
Dyanah Joy H. Amorio, Fungal pathogens within vines: are they friends or foes?
Meredith Yabsley, If these walls could talk
Diane Cass, Experiences of multiple illnesses across family members

The Asia Pacific Semi-Finals will be in September and the Finals in October.

What is 3MT?

The Three-minute thesis competition or (3MT), is held in over 900 universities across more than 85 countries worldwide. The Asian Pacific competition is hosted annually by University of Queensland.

Each year thousands of PhD candidates from across the world, including from our own Charles Sturt University, come together to explain to a non-expert audience in plain language the premise of their research in just three minutes with one PowerPoint slide!

What is the point of entering?

There are so many points!

Take a look at the 2022 finals and the 2021 finals.   the finals. Read and view other videos, read the many testimonials from students about the value of participating in the 3MT, and see how well you can be supported on the 3MT journey.

But in summary, here are just a few of the good reasons to enter:

  • Helps you to refine and define your research
  • Helps you to articulate your research and its value clearly and succinctly to a lay audience
  • Helps you to build confidence as a presenter and to engage an audience
  • An amazing opportunity to broadcast and bring attention to your research

Who should enter?

  • Active PhD and Professional Doctorate (Research) candidates who have successfully passed their confirmation milestone by the date of their heat are eligible
  • The 3MT competition doesn’t require entrants to talk about results, so even if you’re in the early stages of candidature you can still enter
  • Candidates who currently have a thesis under examination are eligible

Yes, there are Prizes!

All participants in the 2022 3MT Heats received a gift from a selection of Charles Sturt merchandise including the options of a Charles Sturt hoodie!

Monetary prizes were awarded at the Charles Sturt Final – the Judges’ Choice, Runner Up and Peoples’ Choice Awards.

The winner of the Judges Choice Award will represent Charles Sturt at the 3MT Asia-Pacific Finals later in 2022. Travel costs to Brisbane (from within Australia) will be paid for by the University.

Key Dates

  • Entries close Friday 5 May
  • Heats - Online via Zoom Monday 22 May* and Thursday 25 May 4.30-6.30,
  • Heat - Face-to-face - Tuesday 30 May 11.00-1.00 on Wagga Campus
  • Finals - TBC July on Bathurst Campus
  • 3MT: What's it all about?An information session for anyone entered or thinking about entering. -  Tuesday 14 March 10.00-12.00am
  • 3MT Competition - Participants share their experience Hear from previous 3MT participants about their experiences and their tips. - Thursday 16 Mar 10.00-11.30 am

3MT training, feedback and rehearsal workshops

3MT Pitch and Presentation Development Workshop Program

Practice and Feedback sessions

3MT, 2022

You can view all the action of the 2022 3MT finals which were held on July 14 at the Charles Sturt University Riverina Play House.

The finalists for 3MT 2022 and their project and faculty association are:

Finalist /School and Faculty Research title

Joachim Bretzel

School of Agriculture, Environmental and Veterinary Sciences
Faculty of Science and Health

Fish protection screening at irrigation diversions in the Murray-Darling Basin

Richard Carroll

School of Education
Faculty of Education and Arts

Why is the high school IT "Crowd" becoming an empty room?

Nyadoub Jok

School of Dentistry and Medical Science
Faculty of Science and Health

Sorghum: an ancient grain with chemopreventative potential

Lauren Stoot

School of Agriculture, Environmental and Veterinary Sciences
Faculty of Science and Health

Using fish ears as passports to understand movement in a coastal river system

Sarah Smorhun

Australian Graduate School of Policing and Security
Faculty of Business, Justice and Behavioural Science

Returning to crowded places

Nicholas McFadyen

School of Psychology
Faculty of Business, Justice and Behavioural Science

Living in a dangerous world: How early life experiences shape attentional biases towards negative stimuli

Borkwei Nignpense

School of Dentistry and Medical Science
Faculty of Science and Health

Antioxidants in Grains and Guts

Jaymie Loy

School of Agriculture, Environmental and Veterinary Sciences
Faculty of Science and Health

Just how safe is playing it safe with hormones?

Useful links:

We look forward to your involvement in this exciting initiative, if you would like further information please contact Charles Sturt’s 3MT organisers at CSU3MT@csu.edu.au

More information

For more information, please contact CSU 3MT organisers - CSU3MT@csu.edu.au