DocFest - Graduate Research Conference

Our annual tri-faculty virtual conference for graduate research.  In 2024 DocFest will be held on 20-24 May.

DocFest features:

  • Keynote speakers – to inform, challenge and inspire us
  • Plenary discussion panels – to tease out some of the core aspects and practices of successful research and researchers
  • Research writing clinic – designed to grow and develop our research writing practice and results
  • Paper presentations – candidates, supervisors and research support staff present papers about their research and research journeys
  • E-poster competition – show your research in a single poster
  • Three-minute Thesis heats – say it clearly, say it vividly and say it in 3 minutes!

DocFest is for:

Anyone interested in graduate research but especially if you are:

  • A graduate research candidate
  • An Early Career Researcher
  • A Supervisor
  • Research support staff
  • An Honours student
  • Interested in doing a PhD in the future



"Navigating the research landscape"



"The Evolving Researcher"