DocFest 2023 Graduate Research Conference

22-26 May  12.00 - 4.30pm AEST daily

The Evolving Researcher

As researchers we evolve over time - we learn new skills, broaden our thinking, and expand our horizons and networks.

The world in which we work is also evolving - in some ways we are more connected than ever and in others more disconnected, and the global challenges we face are many. Just as academic employment opportunities are becoming more limited and increasingly precarious, the opportunities outside of academia are growing and the skills you develop as researchers are more in-demand by industry, business, and the not for profit and public sectors than ever before.

At DocFest23 we will explore how we as researchers can evolve to meet these challenges and much more!

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DocFest23, Recordings

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Keynote Speakers

DocFest has a diverse range of keynote speakers, offering presentations and workshops.

3 Minute Thesis Competition, DocFest23

We are delighted to once again host the 3MT heats as part of DocFest23.

Call for Abstracts

DocFest24 will invite contributions to various themed sessions and e-posters


DocFest23 is proudly bought to you by the Office of Research Services and Graduate Studies.  Email any questions or enquiries.

What is DocFest?

DocFest is our annual tri-faculty virtual conference for graduate research. It features:

  • Themed breakout sessions - where candidates, supervisors and research support staff can present papers about their research and a wide range of related research topics
  • Keynote speakers – to inform, challenge and inspire us
  • Plenary discussion panels - to tease out some of the core aspects and practices of successful research and researchers
  • Research writing clinic - designed to help develop our writing practice. Something we need to keep working on across our degrees and research careers
  • Three-minute Thesis competition heats – say it clearly, say it vividly and say it in 3 minutes!

Who is it for?

DocFest is for anyone interested in graduate research but especially if you are:

  • A graduate research candidate
  • An Early Career Researcher
  • A Supervisor
  • Research support staff
  • An Honours student
  • Interested in doing a PhD in the future