Gathering data is a major aspect of most research. A questionnaire or survey is an important method of collecting information from people.

Creating a survey

There are 4 steps to create and send out a survey that answers your research questions.

  1. Planning
  2. Designing your questions
  3. Implementing the survey
  4. Analysing the data

Following these steps will ensure the information gathered is relevant, comprehensive and accurate.

Getting support

The Spatial Data Analysis Network (SPAN) has expertise and experience in all stages of the survey process. Consulting SPAN early in the planning stages will give maximum benefit to gain the most effective results.

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SPAN maintains two Premier Enterprise licences for SurveyMonkey to enable online survey implementation.

Creation of surveys on this platform is conducted only by SPAN administrators to ensure privacy and effectiveness, and a high standard of presentation. Confidentiality for survey participants and data security are covered by SurveyMonkey's policies.

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SPAN also conducts on-line training courses in survey planning and questionnaire design through the Professional Development Program.