We provide various software and systems to help you with your research. This includes general systems such as MyResearch and specialist software to help you analyse data.

General software


MyResearch collects, stores and manages a range of research management information for researchers, managers, administrators, higher degree research students and supervisors including progress reporting.

Cloud and supercomputing

We are a member of Intersect, a not-for-profit organisation through which you can access various High Performance Computing services. This includes cloud computing, storage, and training.


Thorough planning is needed to successfully answer your research questions.

Careful questionnaire design will ensure the information gathered is relevant, comprehensive and accurate.

Statistics tools

R: Statistical Computing

R is a free powerful open source programming language for statistical computing, data analysis and graphical visualisation. It works on all operating systems.

A 3-hour workshop for introducing R is available upon request.  You can also join free tutorials and Q & A sessions.


G*Power is free software that provides an effective user-friendly solution for power analysis as part of the routine statistical data analysis procedure.

Workshops are run as required with 2-10 participants.


LaTeX is a free open source document preparation system that is widely used amongst the scientific research community.

You can get help with LaTeX as required.

Bayesian Network

Bayesian Network (BN) is a machine-learning data analysis technique. It complements the traditional statistical data analysis approach and provides a better solution for analysis of models with complex structure.

A 3-day face-to-face BN workshop is available upon request with 2-10 participants.