Specialised units

You can get specialised support for your research through the The Spatial Data Analysis Network (SPAN) and the Quantitative Consulting Unit (QCU).

Spatial Data Analysis Network

The Spatial Data Analysis Network (SPAN) is a research support unit within the Research Office of Charles Sturt University. SPAN's primary role is to support research by academic staff and higher degree (RHD) students of the university in the areas of:

  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Remote Sensing and Image Analysis
  • Spatial Statistics
  • Questionnaire Design and Survey Implementation
  • Simulation and Modelling
  • Provision of spatial and analytical software
  • Access to scientific instrumentation and other hardware
  • Data sourcing and supply

Quantitative Consulting Unit

The Quantitative Consulting Unit (QCU) is part of the Research Office at Charles Sturt University.

The QCU provides higher degree by research (HDR) students and staff across the University with statistical support, including:

  • General consultancy on statistical theory and application related to research problems;
  • Tutorials/training for learning and using analysis software such as R, SPSS, G*Power3.1, @Risk and Netica;
  • Advice on, support to, and completion of statistical analyses needed for research projects;
  • Workshops for HDR students and researchers to enhance their statistical skills in special topics such as design and analysis of experiments, statistical graphics, and Bayesian Networks.