Quantitative Consulting Unit

The Quantitative Consulting Unit (QCU) provides higher degree by research (HDR) students and staff across the University with statistical support.

Our services

  • General consultancy on statistical theory and application related to research problems.
  • Tutorials and training for learning and using analysis software such as R, SPSS, G*Power3.1, Netica, and Winsteps.
  • Advice on, support to, and completion of statistical analyses needed for research projects.
  • Workshops for HDR students and researchers to enhance their statistical skills in special topics such as data analysis using R, statistical power analysis using G*Power, and Bayesian Network modelling using Netica.

More about our services

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    Please seek support early in the research project cycle so we can have appropriate input into the design of your research activity.

Workshops and Tools


You can access free and fee-based workshops for the various systems we support.

Tools & downloads

Things you need to know

Moving to a World Beyond “p < 0.05”. What has happened in statistical analysis practice since 2016 ASA’s p-value statement.

What is  probability?

Without referring to statistical significance in presenting our data analysis results, how could or what should we do?

Here are three excellent references that we would like to recommend for your information: