Register of Standard Operating Procedures

Please note: Our Standard Operating Procedure identification numbers have changed. Please refer to the table below to view the new identification number. If you know the old SOP number you can use the search function to find it in the new format.

SOP NumberSpecies SOP Title Expiry Date Old ID Number
AEC SOP 2.01 Birds (including poultry) Handling chickens for the purposes of physical examination Apr-26 SOP066
AEC SOP 2.02 Birds (including poultry) Euthanasia of chickens Apr-26 SOP123
AEC SOP 2.03 Birds (including poultry) Collection of blood from a bird/chicken Jul-26 SOP124
AEC SOP 3.01 Cats and Dogs Canine and Feline Venepuncture Aug-23 SOP114
AEC SOP 3.02 Cats and Dogs Neurological Examination of the Dog Feb-25 SOP122
AEC SOP 4.01 Cattle Teaching artificial insemination and pregnancy diagnosis in cattleJan-27 SOP001
AEC SOP 4.02 Cattle Drenching/Mouthing CattleDec-26 SOP010
AEC SOP 4.03 Cattle Vaccination - Cattle Nov-23 SOP011
AEC SOP 4.04 Cattle Measurement of body weight or liveweight gain - CattleDec-26 SOP012
AEC SOP 4.05 Cattle Artificial insemination in Cows Dec-23 SOP014
AEC SOP 4.06 Cattle Reproductive Tract UltrasonographyFeb-27 SOP016
AEC SOP 4.07 Cattle Palpation of genitalia Feb-27 SOP018
AEC SOP 4.08 Cattle Use of an artificial vagina to collect semen from donor bulls  Dec-23 SOP019
AEC SOP 4.09 Cattle Collecting semen: Electro ejaculation method for bulls  Feb-27 SOP020
AEC SOP 4.10 Cattle Oestrus synchronisation in CowsFeb-27 SOP021
AEC SOP 4.11 Cattle Restraint and inspection - CattleDec-26 SOP028
AEC SOP 4.12 Cattle Mustering, drafting, yarding - CattleJan-27 SOP029
AEC SOP 4.13 Cattle Caesarean in the Cow (Bovine)Mar-27 SOP033
AEC SOP 4.14 Cattle Bovine Lameness Examination and Corrective Hoof Trimming Nov-23 SOP063
AEC SOP 4.15 Cattle Collection of blood - Cattle Feb-27 SOP065
AEC SOP 4.16 Cattle Bovine Uterine Fluid Sample Dec-23 SOP090
AEC SOP 4.17 Cattle Surgical Castration of calves Apr-24 SOP092
AEC SOP 4.18 Cattle Cattle Temperature Loggers Manufacture and Use Nov-23 SOP116
AEC SOP 4.19 Cattle Delayed-Type Hypersensitivity (DTH) Testing in Cattle (assessing cell-mediated responses) Nov-23 SOP117
AEC SOP 4.20 Cattle Bovine Examination per Rectum Jan-25 SOP120
AEC SOP 4.21 Cattle Bovine Physical Examination Jan-25 SOP121
AEC SOP 5.01 Fish Transport Procedure for Juvenile and Adult Murray Cod Nov-24 SOP119
AEC SOP 6.01 Horses Equine cumulative use measurement Sep-24 SOP6.1
AEC SOP 6.02 Horses Cleaning the Equine Perineum Feb-27 SOP023
AEC SOP 6.03 Horses Collecting semen from the stallion using artificial vagina (AV) Dec-23 SOP024
AEC SOP 6.04 Horses Teasing the mare Dec-23 SOP025
AEC SOP 6.05 Horses Placement of short-term jugular catheter in horsesApr-27 SOP049
AEC SOP 6.06 Horses Artificial insemination of the mare Jan-27 SOP051
AEC SOP 6.07 Horses Embryo transfer Dec-23 SOP052
AEC SOP 6.08 Horses Embryo Collection in the HorseMar-27 SOP053
AEC SOP 6.09 Horses Handling Horses Feb-27 SOP077
AEC SOP 6.10 Horses Operation of High Speed Equine Treadmill Jun-24 SOP089
AEC SOP 6.11 Horses Synoviocentesis of the tibiotarsal joint in horses Nov-24 SOP093
AEC SOP 6.12 Horses Electro acupuncture for Horses Nov-24 SOP094
AEC SOP 6.13 Horses Application of a nose twitch – Horses Feb-24 SOP095
AEC SOP 6.14 Horses Blood Collection – Horses Nov-24 SOP096
AEC SOP 6.15 Horses Electrocardiography in Horses Jun-22 SOP100
AEC SOP 6.16 Horses Taking saliva samples from Horses Dec-24 SOP101
AEC SOP 6.17 Horses Focused Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy Jul-22 SOP104
AEC SOP 6.18 Horses Quantitative Gait Analysis in Horses Jul-22 SOP105
AEC SOP 6.19 Horses Transrectal palpation and ultrasonography in Horses Jan-27 SOP106
AEC SOP 6.20 Horses Routine handling of foals and weanlings during teaching, research and regular husbandry Jan-27 SOP115
AEC SOP 6.21 Horses Electrochemotherapy (ECT) Oct-24 SOP118
AEC SOP 7.01 Pigs Pig Restraint Dec-23 SOP003
AEC SOP 7.02 Pigs Intramuscular injection of Pigs Dec-23 SOP004
AEC SOP 7.03 Pigs Collection of Blood - Pigs Dec-23 SOP005
AEC SOP 8.01 Rodents Timed Mating of Laboratory Rodents Jul-23 SOP037
AEC SOP 8.02 Rodents Animal Transportation - Rodents Dec-23 SOP038
AEC SOP 8.03 Rodents Environmental Enrichment - Mice Dec-23 SOP039
AEC SOP 8.04 Rodents Environmental Enrichment - Rats Nov-20 SOP040
AEC SOP 8.05 Rodents Rodent Quarantine Jul-23 SOP042
AEC SOP 8.06 Rodents Bioexclusions Definitions - Rodents Jul-23 SOP043
AEC SOP 8.07 Rodents Health Status Monitoring Programme- Rodents Jul-23 SOP044
AEC SOP 8.08 Rodents Rodent Euthanasia TBC SOP045
AEC SOP 8.09 Rodents Sentinel Husbandry Jul-23 SOP046
AEC SOP 8.10 Rodents Euthanasia of rodents using isoflurane Dec-23 SOP054
AEC SOP 8.11 Rodents General Emergency Procedures - Rodent Facilities Jul-23 SOP072
AEC SOP 9.01 Small ruminants Collection of semen: Artificial vagina method for sheep Dec-23 SOP006
AEC SOP 9.02 Small ruminants Preparing teaser ewes for semen collection of a ram using an artificial vaginaMar-27 SOP007
AEC SOP 9.03 Small ruminants Palpation of Ram GenitaliaMar-27 SOP008
AEC SOP 9.04 Small ruminants Collection of blood - small ruminants Dec-26 SOP013
AEC SOP 9.05 Small ruminants Collection of semen Electro ejaculation method for rams Dec-23 SOP015
AEC SOP 9.06 Small ruminants Training of rams for semen collectionMar-27 SOP017
AEC SOP 9.07 Small ruminants Application of branding fluids - SheepDec-26 SOP058
AEC SOP 9.08 Small ruminants Artificial insemination in ewesMar-27 SOP062
AEC SOP 9.09 Small ruminants Collection of Faeces - SheepApr-27 SOP085
AEC SOP 9.10 Small ruminants Surgical Ram VasectomyMar-27 SOP091
AEC SOP 9.11 Small ruminants Collection of urine Nov-22 SOP099
AEC SOP 9.12 Small ruminants Collection of milk sample from Sheep Nov-24 SOP102
AEC SOP 9.13 Small ruminants Measuring Milk Yield in Sheep Nov-24 SOP103
AEC SOP 9.14 Small ruminants CT scanning sheep Oct-22 SOP107
AEC SOP 9.15 Small ruminants Oestrus synchronisation in ewes and does; CIDR insertionMar-27 SOP034
AEC SOP 9.16 Small ruminants Capture, restraint and handling – alpaca Aug-23 SOP108
AEC SOP 9.17 Small ruminants Collection of colostrum or milk – alpaca Aug-23 SOP109
AEC SOP 9.18 Small ruminants Collection of blood – alpaca Aug-23 SOP110
AEC SOP 9.19 Small ruminants Oestrus synchronisation in small ruminants Feb-22 SOP022
AEC SOP 9.20 Small ruminants Small Ruminant confinement to pens or stallsJan-26 SOP035
AEC SOP 9.21 Small ruminants Weighing and condition scoring small ruminants Nov-24 SOP055 
AEC SOP 9.22 Small ruminants Use of a small ruminant mating harness Nov-24 SOP056
AEC SOP 9.23 Small ruminants Small ruminant pregnancy testing Nov-24 SOP068
AEC SOP 9.24 Small ruminants Skin biopsy of small ruminants Mar-25 SOP069
AEC SOP 9.25 Small ruminants Collection of fleece sample from small ruminants Sep-23 SOP111
AEC SOP 10.01 Other and multispecies Animal Acquisition, Receiving and Acclimation - Laboratory Animals Jul-23 SOP041
AEC SOP 10.02 Other and multispecies Euthanasia of livestockApr-27 SOP026
AEC SOP 10.03 Other and multispecies Ear tagging small ruminants Nov-24 SOP057
AEC SOP 10.04 Other and multispecies Ruminant and Equine Faecal Egg Count Dec-26 SOP073
AEC SOP 10.05 Other and multispecies Mustering, drafting, yarding - Small ruminantsDec-26 SOP112
AEC SOP 10.06 Other and multispecies Collection of milk sample from small ruminants (goats and sheep) Sep-23 SOP113