Standard Operating Procedures

Standard Operating Procedures, or SOPs, are approved by the Charles Sturt University Animal Care and Ethics Committee (CSU ACEC) in compliance with the Australian Code of Practice for the care and use of animals for scientific purposes for commonly used teaching and research activities. The use of SOPs does not allow for approval of projects without reference to the ACEC, but they do result in reduced paperwork for applications submitted to the Committee. Legislation still requires the ACEC to consider and approve all teaching and research activities involving animals, and to monitor the progress and management of those projects.

Once an SOP has been approved by the Animal Care and Ethics Committee, it will be added to a list of currently-approved SOPs at Charles Sturt University and applicants may simply refer to the SOP by name and approval code in their applications for procedures to be used during their teaching or research projects.

SOPs will be reviewed by the Animal Care and Ethics Committee every three years following approval.

A Template for preparing an SOP for submission to the ACEC, and a table listing the relevant Categories of Use, which provide a numerical summary to the Committee on the types of procedures and the severity of impact upon the animals involved in the SOP, are available for use and reference on this site.