Standard Operating Procedures

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) provide a step by step guide to routine activities. Standard Operating Procedures aim to achieve efficiency, quality output and uniformity of performance. They can also reduce miscommunication and assist compliance with industry regulations.

Using SOPs can reduce the variability in tasks and activities.

If Standard Operating Procedures are relevant to the activity you must list them. If no SOP exists for the activities then you must submit them with the application.

You can only use SOPs approved by the ACEC.

Register of Standard Operating Procedures

  • When do you need to include or develop an SOP?

    If there are several steps in an activity you will need to include or develop a relevant SOP.

    You should check the SOP register for SOPs that cover the activities in your project.

    If there are no SOPs that cover the activities then you will need to develop them. You must include them with your application. You cannot use new SOPs until the ACEC approves them.

    You should use the SOP template when writing a new SOP. It is available in both PDF and WORD form.

    It is recommended to include diagrams, photos and possibly links to videos in the SOP.

    There are different categories of animal use that you should include in any new SOP.

  • What happens after approval of the SOP?

    If the ACEC approves the SOP it is added to the SOP register. Other applicants can then nominate and use the SOP.

    The ACEC reviews SOPs every three years.