Research and Teaching Involving Radiation

The use of ionising radiation is governed by the Radiation Control Act (NSW) 1990 and its Regulations. The acquisition of radioactive material or irradiating apparatus must also be approved by the Charles Sturt University Radiation Safety Committee (RSC) before the material or apparatus is brought into the University or used by University staff / students

Submission of Proposals

A Research/Teaching Proposal Involving the Use of Ionising Radiation must be submitted to the RSC before work commences.  Where the work is carried out in more than one organisation, the RSC or Radiation Safety Officer of the other organisation must also be informed.

The RSC will check the information provided regarding the substances/apparatus, the physical facilities to be used and the details of the members of the project team. The Committee will then make its assessment of the proposal with regard to the proposed level of radiation safety, and the licences and experience of the members of the team for carrying out the proposed work. See the RSC Meeting Schedule page for RSC agenda closing dates for each meeting where applications will be considered.

Approval of Proposals and Commencement of Work

Work may commence after a proposal has been assessed and approved by the RSC. Approval will be notified in writing within approximately 10 working days following the RSC meeting, quoting an approval reference number. Work must be conducted only in approved laboratories or in an area or manner approved by the RSC.

Work must not commence without the specific approval of the RSC.

Note: Receipt of approval by the RSC for a Research/Teaching Proposal does not exempt the radiation licence holder(s) from having to complete the Application to Acquire Radioactive Substances and Notice of Disposal or the Application to Acquire Irradiating Apparatus forms prior to commencement of the research or teaching.

Conduct of Work

The Principal Investigator OR Subject Coordinator and supervisor for students undertaking research must ensure that any recommendations of the RSC are met during the course of the work.

If work is expected to extend beyond the dates proposed on the initial RSC application, an extension must be sought from the RSC before the approved date expires. Complete the Project Report form to request a variation.

Completion of Work

(A) Research The Principal Investigator must submit a Project Report to the RSC on completion of the research, or annually if the work extends past 12 months. The report(s) must address any variations from the original proposals and any unexpected events. 
Any radiation incidents or hazards must be reported immediately using the CSU SCRIM portal.

(B) Teaching A final report is not required. Subject Coordinators are reminded that any accident or incident must be reported immediately using the CSU SCRIM portal.

Submitting Applications

Submit all applications to:

Electronic files with digital signatures are preferred, but if this is not possible, please print, sign and scan the signature page after all signatures have been collected. Email your completed application to together with any additional supporting documents, such as copies of radiation licences, exemptions or written approvals.