Forms, templates and proformas

Is your application URGENT?

If research work or teaching activities are due to start before the next RSC meeting, please write 'URGENT' in the subject line of your email when you submit your application.

Please see the RSC meeting dates and agenda close dates.


Research Proposal
  • Proposal to use ionising radiation, Class 3B or Class 4 Laser devices in a research project.
Teaching Proposal
  • Proposal to use ionising radiation, Class 3B or Class 4 Laser devices in a teaching subject.
Project Report Form
  • Annual Progress Reports;
  • End of Project Reports
  • Notification of a decision not to proceed with an approved project;
  • Variation Requests; and
  • Notifications of Incidents which could bear on the committee's continued approval of the project.
    Note: Any radiation incidents or hazards must be reported immediately using the online incident management system
General Exemption
  • Provide exemption to specific students or classes from holding a radiation user licence while under supervision.
Application to Acquire
  • First stage in the approval and acquisition process for
    • irradiating apparatus;
    • radioactive substances; or
    • class 3B or Class 4 laser devices.
  • Includes: purchasing, loans and all other forms of acquiring radioactive substances that will be used and/or stored at the University.
Notice of Disposal of Radioactive Substances
  • Notifying the RSC of the disposal of a radioactive substance, where the original Application to Acquire was paper-based.
Notice of Disposal of Irradiating Apparatus
  • Notifying the RSC of the disposal or irradiating apparatus, where the original Application to Acquire was paper-based.
Transfer of Irradiating Apparatus or Radioactive Substance
  • Notifying the RSC of a transfer of substance or apparatus to a new location.
Clearance for Maintenance
  • Requesting clearance from the RSC before maintenance work is completed on fittings and fixtures that are directly involved in radiation work, i.e. that have direct contact with radioactive substances, such as sinks, etc. as these could be contaminated.
Moisture Gauge Usage Log Sheets
  • Print, complete and store near the moisture gauges.
Laser User Registration Form
  • Register as a user of Class 3B and Class 4 laser devices
Laser Apparatus Registration Form
  • Register all Class 3B and Class 4 laser devices used in Schools and Centres.
Submission to the Radiation Safety Committee
  • Submission template for any items, proposals or changes to be considered by the RSC, where a specific form doesn't exist above, 
    e.g. recommending a change to a process in the Radiation Safety Manual/Radiation Management Plan.