Personal Radiation Monitoring

All persons exposed to radiation through their work, studies and/or research activities at the University are provided with Personal Monitoring Devices (PMDs) for monitoring their levels of exposure. This is in the form of a badge which is worn on the body while working in radioactive areas or with radiation sources.

The PMDs are returned for reading on a regular cycle, and the University subsequently receives the exposure reports for all personnel.

Reports indicating a higher-than-expected dose over certain thresholds are passed on to the wearer for their information. Particularly high doses may also need to be investigated.

PMD wearers can request a copy of their exposure reports at any time by emailing the Radiation Monitoring unit (

If you intend to commence research or other activities, and have not already been provided with a PMD, email to arrange for a device at least 30 days before you intend to start working with radiation. Please be aware that you will not be able to commence work with any potential sources of radiation until you have received your PMD.

Collection and Return of Personal Monitoring Devices

All staff and students will be required to return their personal monitoring devices in person to the assigned Technical Officer or designated contact person by the due date. Where return in person is not possible, personal monitoring devices can be mailed to:

Attn: Technical Officer – Radiation Monitoring
Technical Support Unit
Building 16, Room 236
Boorooma Street

PMD issue and return schedule

Lost, Non-returned or Damaged Personal Monitoring Devices

It is the responsibility of an occupationally exposed person to whom an approved personal monitoring device has been provided to wear the device while involved in the use of ionising radiation and to return the device in good condition and within the directed timeframes.

A lost personal monitoring device must be reported to the University immediately using the Radiation Monitoring email (

The loss or failure to return a personal monitoring device within the directed timeframes will result in the following action:

  • A fee of $75 may be incurred by the individual for the loss or non-return of the personal monitoring device. (This is made up of a non-return fee, device replacement fee and freight - charged by the service provider).
  • An incident report must be lodged with the University's WHS Division and Radiation Safety Committee via the CSU online incident reporting system and subsequent investigation may be undertaken.
  • The individual will be excluded from all activities involving radiation until a new personal monitoring device has been received.

Personal monitoring devices which are returned in a damaged condition and the damage has occurred as a result of carelessness or neglect will result in the same actions as a lost or non-returned device.

For further details on personal radiation monitoring, please see the Personal Radiation Monitoring Devices Procedure in the CSU Policy Library.