Radiation Licences

The EPA issues a licence to use a radioactive substance or an irradiating apparatus. Except for prescribed activities with strict supervision, it is illegal to use a radioactive substance or irradiating apparatus without obtaining a licence from the EPA.

A licence application may be obtained from the EPA website, to be completed and lodged by the applicant to the EPA. A copy of the radiation user licence must be sent to the Radiation Safety Committee and Radiation Monitoring unit once it is received. Scan and email the licence to radmon@csu.edu.au with a copy to RadiationSafety@csu.edu.au.

When the radiation user licence is renewed, an updated copy must be supplied to the RSC and Radiation Monitoring unit.

You will generally be asked to provide a copy of your radiation user licence with certain applications to the RSC, such as research or teaching proposals. Already having a copy of your licence on file with the RSC can help to expedite your applications.

EPA Licence Renewal & Application Forms