Creative works

Creative works are assessed annually through the CSU Research Outputs Collection (ROC). In addition, the ERA assessment exercise includes creative works. This is an acknowledgement that research, and contribution to new knowledge, can manifest in other ways and forms in the creative arts. A variety of types of creative works are eligible.

  • What is a creative work?

    Creative Works are non-traditional research outputs that have been produced through writing, making, composing, designing, recording, performing or curating. To be assessed as a creative work, research must:

    • involve the creation of new knowledge or the use of existing knowledge in new and creative ways
    • include a synthesis and analysis of previous research to the extent that it is new and creative
    • impact of the work on the discipline, for example generating new concepts, methodologies, inventions and understandings.

    It should be noted that multiple exhibitions/performances cannot be submitted as multiple outputs where the repeated exhibitions/performances do not introduce a new research component to the work e.g. a touring exhibition can only be submitted as a single output.

  • Why submit creative works?

    Creative works must be submitted to count towards staff members’ performance portfolios, and to be eligible for inclusion in both ERA and ROC. The below information explains what is required, if you have questions or concerns that are not addressed here, please contact the Research Outputs Team.

  • What is eligible?

    Creative works of all types must meet and provide evidence to support the following criteria:



    Version of work

    sound recording, video, script, images, links

    Made publicly available

    Event listing, news article, performance program, photos of event

    Subject to peer review

    Reviews in print or online form, evidence of commission/selection

    Meets definition of research

    Outlined in research statement

    For detailed examples of evidence to submit, please refer to the Creative Works Assessment Guide.

  • What are the creative works submission categories?


    • Original – Visual artwork (i.e. group or individual, photo essay, photo book, artist book)
    • Original – design/architectural work
    • Recorded/rendered (i.e. film/video, performance, digital creative work, website/web exhibition).
    • Live performance: either a new work or a demonstrably new or innovative interpretation or production of an existing work (i.e. music, play, dance).
    • Curation (i.e.web-based exhibition, exhibition/event/festival).
    • Other: Creative works that do not fit the above subcategories.


    • Original (i.e.short story, poem, novel/book of poetry, prose, portfolio of works (anthology), catalogue essay).

    For a thorough definition of the subcategories, please refer to the Creative Works Assessment Guide.

  • How are creative works assessed?

    The Creative Works Register Assessment Advisory Panel meets biannually to assess research eligibility, and point-value equivalence, of creative works research outputs. Membership comprises qualified staff from the Research Office and the Faculty of Arts and Education.

  • How are points allocated?

    Points are awarded on the basis of the work and the relative contribution of the staff member, as well as the equivalence with allocations to traditional outputs assessed for the Research Outputs Collection (ROC). After submitting your creative work to CRO, the Research Office will send you a Research Table to complete to provide details on the relevant elements which contribute to the allocation of point values. Please refer to the Creative Works Assessment Guide for specific information regarding point allocations.

  • How do I submit a creative work to CRO?

    Please refer to the CRO submission guide for detailed information.