Research Conducted in State Schools

If you are conducting research in State or Territory public schools, you should check the jurisdictional requirements to access those schools:

NSW Public Schools

Research undertaken in NSW State schools requires SERAP approval. This has an online application process and you will need to complete the following steps:

  • Apply and receive ethics approval from the CSU HREC
  • Commence the online SERAP process.
  • Down load the SERAP Application to Conduct Research Agreement
  • Send the agreement with a copy of your HREC approval and application to The Research Office will arrange for the agreement to be signed and returned to you. Only the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research Development and industry has the delegated authority to sign this agreement.
  • Upload the signed agreement, your CSU HREC approval and application in to the SERAP portal, complete the SERAP online process and submit.
Victorian Public Schools

Victoria, refer to the Victorian Education and Training website.