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Gender, Feminist and Queer Studies

Power, Privilege and Inequality in a Time of Neoliberal Conservatism

Edited by Donna Bridges, Clifford Lewis, Elizabeth Wulff, Chelsea Litchfield and Larissa Bamberry

Exploring scholarship, research, practice and activism on gender, feminist and queer studies, this edited collection examines, analyses and critiques the nature and causes of inequality, disadvantage and marginalisation faced by women, non-hegemonic and LGBTIQA+ identities who do not fit hegemonic notions of masculinity, femininity and heteronormativity.

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LGBT travel study good news for rural destinations

Research by a Charles Sturt reveals regional areas are favoured by members of the LGBT community as a travel/holiday destination.

Travelling down a rural road

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Uniform discontent: how women athletes are taking control of their sporting outfits - by Rachel Jefferson Buchanan

Women’s dress codes in sport are determined by “traditions” that are both outdated and gendered. Their outfits have long tried to reconcile notions of “femininity” with those of “athleticism”, but this process has turned women into objects to be admired rather than being valued for their sporting skills.

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Webinar will tackle violence against women in regional Australia

A Charles Sturt University online seminar on Wednesday 14 July will grapple with the issue of high rates of violence against women in regional and rural areas.

The webinar, ‘Violence against women in regional and rural areas’, will be presented by the Charles Sturt Gender and Feminist Studies Network (GFSN) with Athena Swan/Equity and Diversity.

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Why you should consider a career in paramedicine, according to a paramedic

There are so many opportunities for women in paramedicine and plenty of reasons for more women to want to get involved.

Paramedics moving a patient on a guerney

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A ‘culture of retribution’, sex discrimination, harassment and bullying – the undue costs of women working in Ambulance services in Australia

There is evidence that women paramedics have been confronting incidences of gender and sex based discrimination and harassment.

Ambulance with a female team parked on a city street

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Gender norms: hope among the complexity and adversity

Interview with Charles Sturt University’s Dr Donna Bridges to explore the complex issues around gender norms.

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Gender and feminist studies advances at Charles Sturt

A new network was launched at Charles Sturt University last week to make gender and feminist studies at the University more visible, and encourage and support research students working in the field.

Three women in discussions around a table

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