Charles Sturt University Innovation Hub

Global challenges being tackled in Regional NSW. Here's how we work:

Our Mission

The mission of the Innovation Hub is to support the ongoing development of an innovation ecosystem in regional NSW by:

  • Supporting innovation capacity building within the university and the wider community through skills development opportunities and experiences
  • Supporting and partnering with other regional development, government and business agencies working towards similar goals
  • Collaborating with local businesses actively supporting start-ups and SMEs
  • Fostering a culture of innovation both within the university and wider community

The Innovation Hub will achieve these goals through:

  • Early stage incubator programs
  • Offering specialised innovation training and development
  • Events that foster innovation - celebrating the innovative thinkers and "do-ers" of regional NSW

How to get involved

If you would like to participate in one of our pre-accelerator programs, events, innovation and entrepreneurship programs or to simply learn more about the Innovation Hub, contact us.

Charles Sturt Indigenous Entrepreneur Program

The Indigenous Entrepreneur program has been developed in a collaboration between Charles Sturt University and Food Futures Company.

It is an early stage program specifically for aspiring Indigenous entrepreneurs and early stage Indigenous founders who are looking for help to explore, build and launch a business in food and agriculture.

Charles Sturt Ready To Launch Program

Ready To Launch: Charles Sturt’s Pre-Accelerator Program

The Ready To Launch program will help you take your business, product or service from idea to execution in 10 weeks.

This program is suited to emerging entrepreneurs across regional NSW from all industries and sectors.  It's a hands-on, immersive and practical experience that uses Lean Startup principles, to bring your idea to life.

Applications are now open but must close March 10th 2023

What people are saying

Leanne Sanders

The Ready to Launch Program lit that fire in me to reconnect with my ‘why’ and build that into the business model. Also, discovering how to share Visual Dreaming as a story rather than a business, and learning to pitch that in a way that people could understand, was incredibly confidence-building.

Leanne Sanders Founder of Visual Dreaming Visual Dreaming

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