Casella Family Brands PhD Scholarship

Casella Family Brands is offering a scholarship to attract a domestic PhD student to the grape and wine industry and to encourage the development of new knowledge in viticulture and wine. Applicants must fulfil the below conditions to be considered.

1. The applicant must be admitted full-time into a PhD
2. The applicant must not have commenced their PhD
3. The applicant must be awarded an Australian Government Research Training Program (AGRTP) Scholarship or equivalent

The successful applicant will have the opportunity to work with Casella Family Brands.

Prospective candidates will need to apply via a competitive process (see ‘how to apply’ below).


Professor Leigh Schmidtke
Charles Sturt University

How to apply

Applicants will need to apply for enrolment.

Prospective Higher Degree by Research candidates can apply for the Casella Family Brands Scholarship when completing their Charles Sturt course admission application. When given the option to apply for a scholarship select 'Yes'; 'Full-time AGRTP' and 'Other'. Under 'Other' enter Casella Family Brands Scholarship.

In addition to the documentation required as part of the AGRTP Scholarship application, applicants must also submit an Industry Impact Statement (250 words or less). This statement should demonstrate how your PhD will contribute to the generation of new knowledge for the wine industry.

  • Eligibility

    As per Charles Sturt University's standard eligibility requirements for entry to a PhD.

  • Award value

    This scholarship provides a $30,000 (10,000 pa) stipend allowance in addition to any other stipends received by the student and is payable in fortnightly instalments.

  • Scholarship duration

    The scholarship stipend is tenable for three years subject to satisfactory progress.