Research Institute and Other Scholarships

The Research Institutes often host their own annual scholarship rounds.

In addition, Charles Sturt University may fund, or co-fund other scholarships created through partnerships with industry, philanthropic organisations, or donors.

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  • Diamond Synchrotron Scholarship

    This scholarship is jointly funded between Charles Sturt University and the Diamond Synchrotron in the UK investigating mechanisms of viral innate immunity.

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  • THRIVE Domestic First Nations PhD Scholarship

    THRIVE - Training Hub promoting Regional Industry and Innovation in Virology and Epidemiology

    The scholarship recipient will receive world-class virology training, working on a cutting-edge project that aims to discover vulnerabilities and new treatment strategies for viruses affecting Indigenous and wider Australian communities.

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  • NSW Education Waratah Scholarships

    The NSW Department of Education is seeking to fund research projects that support its priorities and lead to improvements in social and educational outcomes for people in NSW. Waratah Scholarships will be awarded on a competitive basis in the form of a top-up to their Research Training Program (RTP) stipend to higher degree research students undertaking research aligned with one or more of the priorities listed.

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  • Casella Family Brands PhD Scholarship

    This scholarship is to encourage the development of new knowledge in the area of viticulture, oenology and related businesses and alleviate some of the financial pressures associated with higher degree research.

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  • CSIRO/ACDP - Charles Sturt University Joint PhD Program

    The CSIRO/ACDP – CSU PhD Scholarships provide enhanced opportunities in science for outstanding graduates enrolling in a PhD at Charles Sturt University. The program is now looking for applicants for commencement in 2023. Four potential research projects are available.

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