AGRTP Return to Study Scholarship

AGRTP Return to Study scholarship is awarded to postgraduate researchers who are returning to study after a continuous break of two or more years to fulfil caring responsibilities or owing to sickness.

Further information regarding the Australian Government’s Research Training Program is available on the Department of Education and Training website.

  • Eligibility

    AGRTP Return to Study scholarship can be awarded to candidates who are studying full-time or part-time and enrolled in or commencing a higher degree by research course. These scholarships are highly competitive and only applicants who meet the following criteria will be considered:

    • Australian or New Zealand citizen or Australian permanent resident
    • Commencing a Charles Sturt University HDR program
    • Returning to study after a continuous break of two or more years* owing to sickness or to fulfil caring responsibilities, specifically:
      • Being the primary carer of a dependent child; or
      • Being the primary carer of someone with a disability or medical condition.

    * Documentary evidence of this break (such as a medical certificate or statutory declaration) must be provided.

    AGRTP scholarships will not be available to those who:

    • Are enrolled concurrently in any other program, unless it is essential to the success of the HDR, or exceptional circumstances exist and are approved.
    • Are receiving another Commonwealth-funded postgraduate research scholarship.

    Charles Sturt will rank scholarship applicants according to a specified criteria. See Scholarship Application Guide for further details.

  • Award value

    The scholarship provides the following benefits:

    Stipend: This scholarship is valued at $35,000 per annum (2024 rate)  for full-time study only, payable in fortnightly instalments. There is no stipend allocated for candidates who are undertaking part-time study.

    Tuition Fees: Fee exemption for a period equivalent to:

    • Four years (8 sessions) for PhD/Research Doctorate OR two years (4 sessions) for Research Masters at full-time study; or
    • Eight years (16 sessions) for PhD/Research Doctorate OR four years (8 sessions) for Research Masters at part-time study.

    Operating Funds*: Scholarship candidates are allocated an allowance to assist with the reimbursement of costs associated with a candidate’s research.

    Relocation Allowance*: Scholarship recipients may be eligible to receive a relocation allowance for the cost of relocating themselves, their spouse, and dependants to a Charles Sturt University campus, to a maximum of AUD $5,000.

    *If a part-time candidacy is approved operating funds are payable at a reduced rate and relocation allowance is not payable.

  • Scholarship duration

    AGRTP Return to Study scholarships are normally tenable for four years full-time equivalent for Research Doctorate studies (4 years FTE tuition fee coverage and 3 years FTE for full-time stipend and operating funds allowances), and two years for Research Masters studies subject to satisfactory progress.

    An extension of up to six months may be granted for Research Doctorates (stipend and operating funds components only), where the candidate is making satisfactory progress and the grounds for the extension relate to the study and are beyond the control of the candidate.

    Scholarship candidates are entitled to 20 paid annual leave working days per year, 10 paid personal leave days per year and may be eligible for up to 12 weeks paid primary carer parental leave for the duration of the scholarship.

Applicants should apply online via the following links. Applications submitted via email will not be accepted.

Apply for an AGRTP Return to Study Scholarship when completing your Charles Sturt course admission application. When given the option to apply for a scholarship select Yes > Full-time AGRTP > Other > Enter ‘AGRTP Return to Study Scholarship’.

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N.B. Scholarships will be reduced by any periods of HDR study undertaken towards the degree prior to the commencement of the scholarship.

Current Charles Sturt HDR candidates

Candidates currently enrolled in a Charles Sturt HDR course must complete a separate scholarship application.

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