Fields of research

The following are the fields of research into which higher degree candidates may be considered for admission to Charles Sturt University.

The codes are the standard FOR classification codes used by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) and the Australian Research Council (ARC) to classify research activity in Australia.

It is in these areas that the University has established research communities and cohorts of scholars, and around which it encourages applications from potential research students. Such areas provide particular depth of academic and research capability to offer quality research and research training opportunities to staff, students and communities, including partners in industry, the professions and the communities of inland Australia.

Download FoR, SEO and FoE codes

  • Faculty of Arts & Education

    The Arts

    • Performing Arts
    • Visual Arts

    Historical Studies

    • Australian History

    Journalism, Communication and Media

    • Media and Communication Studies

    Literature Studies

    • Australian Literature

    Philosophy and Religion

    • Philosophy
    • Professional and Applied Ethics
    • Religion and Religious Traditions

    Education for Rural/Regional Sustainability

    • Rural and Remote Education

    Education Studies

    • Curriculum Studies
    • Curriculum Theory, Development and Evaluation
    • Literacies, Numeracies and Multiliteracies
    • Mathematics Education
    • Child Development
    • Early Childhood Education
    • Educational Psychology
    • Inclusive and Special Education
    • Sociology of Education
    • Educational Policy and Administration
    • History of Education

    Information Studies

    • Library and Information Studies
    • Teacher Librarianship

    Studies in Human Society

    • Anthropology
    • Human Geography
    • Human Services
    • Rural Social Studies
    • Sociology
    • Social Work
    • Other Studies in Human Society

    Teacher Education and Professional Development

    Vocational Education and Training

  • Faculty of Business, Justice and Behavioural Sciences


    • Financial Accounting
    • Management Accounting

    Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing

    • Pattern Recognition and Data Mining
    • Computer Vision
    • Adaptive Agents and Intelligent Robotics
    • Simulation and Modelling
    • Neural, Evolutionary and Fuzzy Computation

    Distributed Computing

    • Web Technologies
    • Distributed and Grid Systems


    • Agricultural Economics
    • Environmental and Resource Economics
    • Industry Economics and Industrial Organisations

    Information Systems

    • Information systems management


    • Human Resources Management
    • Industrial Relations
    • International Business
    • Organisational Behaviour
    • Organisational Planning and Management


    • Consumer Behaviour
    • Product or Service Development
    • Marketing Management, Strategy and Relationship Marketing
    • Marketing Theory

    Numerical and Computational Mathematics

    • Numerical Analysis

    Law Enforcement

    • Crime Prevention
    • Criminology

    Policy and Administration

    • Public Policy
    • Public Administration
    • Research, Science and Technology
    • Policy


    • Learning, Memory, Cognition and Language
    • Social and Community Psychology
    • Developmental Psychology and Ageing
    • Industrial and Organisational Psychology
    • Psychology
  • Faculty of Science

    Animal Production

    • Animal Husbandry
    • Animal Production

    Biochemistry and Cell Biology

    • Analytical Biochemistry
    • Biochemistry and Cell Biology

    Biological Sciences

    • Biochemistry and Cell Biology

    Chemical Sciences

    • Environmental Chemistry (including Atmospheric Chemistry)
    • Other Chemical Sciences

    Crop and Pasture Production

    • Plant Biochemistry and Physiology
    • Plant Protection (Pests, Disease and Weeds)
    • Agronomy
    • Crop and Pasture Production

    Ecology and Evolution

    • Freshwater Ecology (excluding Limnology)
    • Terrestrial Ecology
    • Palaeoecology

    Environmental Sciences

    • Wildlife and Habitat Management

    Exercise Science, Sport and Health

    • Exercise Physiology
    • Physical Education

    Geomatic Engineering

    • Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing


    • Oenology and Viticulture
    • Horticulture

    Industrial Biotechnology and Food Sciences

    • Fermentation, Biotechnology and Industrial Microbiology
    • Food Processing

    Manufacturing Engineering

    • Robotics and Mechatronics

    Medical Biochemistry and Clinical Chemistry

    • Clinical Chemistry

    Medical Microbiology

    Medical Physiology

    • Systems Physiology



    Other Agricultural, Veterinary and Environmental Sciences

    • Fertilisers and Agrochemicals (Application, etc.)
    • Other Agricultural Sciences

    Public Health and Health Services

    Rural Management

    • Sustainable Agriculture, Sustainable Management

    Soil and Water Sciences

    • Soil Biology
    • Soil Chemistry
    • Soil Capability and Soil Degradation
    • Applied Hydrology (Drainage, Flooding, Irrigation, Quality, etc.)

    Veterinary Medicine