Writing Up Awards - HDR Students Guidelines

The Writing-Up Award for Higher Degree by Research (HDR) students is designed to provide a modest income to authors during the preparation of research outputs including but not confined to articles,books and non-­traditional research output such as creative works, which are based on their thesis submitted for a PhD, Research Doctorate or Masters by Research. The objective of the award is to support an increase in research productivity of Higher Degree by Research students at CSU. This award is not available to CSU staff members undertaking HDR studies.

Note: This award does not provide financial support to Higher Degree by Research Students to write their thesis.

Applications must be submitted to the Research Office by close of business 3 August 2018.


The Writing‐Up Award is intended for Higher Degree by Research students (either domestic or international) who have submitted their thesis since 5 August 2017 or will submit before 3 August 2018.

Priority will be given to:

  • PhD candidates who submit within three and a half (3.5) years full-time equivalent (FTE), and
  • Masters by Research candidates who submit within one and a half (1.5) years full time equivalent (FTE)

Applications from students whose candidature has exceeded these durations will only be considered in circumstances which must be exceptional and adequately documented by their respective school.


Applicants should state the period during which the Award is intended to be taken up, taking into account the level of funding provided. Applicants should be prepared to generate the intended research outputs during the period of the Award.The Research office should be notified of any delay greater than two weeks.

Awards must be taken up within two (2) months of the date of the offer letter or the offer of Award will lapse.

Value of award

Awardees will receive $10,000 as a tax exempt scholarship Award.

Funds will be paid in the form of a stipend into a nominated Australian bank account on a fortnightly basis for students studying in Australia. Students studying off shore will be paid monthly into a nominated bank account. Stipends will be paid from the commencement of the Award until the funds have been expended for a period of 12 weeks.


Applicants need to complete the Writing-Up Award application. The application may be obtained from the Research Office web site.

All types of research output will be considered including articles, books and non-traditional research output such as creative works. It is important for the selection process that applicants provide details of their planned research outputs.

This might include abstracts of intended journal articles and the name of the journal to which the article will be submitted OR, if a book is to be produced from a Higher Degree by Research thesis, a general outline of the thesis, an outline of the proposed book and the name of the publisher. A list of previous outputs and any letters from journal referees, editors or publishers regarding potential publication should be attached to the application form.


Applications will be assessed based on the following criteria:

  1. Applicant’s academic and professional track record
  2. Contribution to School/Faculty/Research Centre during the course of their HDR studies
  3. Quality of the research outputs produced during the HDR
  4. Quality of the research outputs proposed to be generated during the tenure of the writing‐up award

Applications will be assessed and ranked by Faculty committees lead by the relevant Sub-Dean, Graduate Studies. These rankings will then be considered by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research, Development and Industry) in deciding the final awards.

Primary Supervisor and Head of School/Research Centre Director endorsement

It is important for the Principal Supervisor and the Head of School/Research Centre Director to provide the Selection Committee with an assessment of the quality and impact of an applicant’s PhD, Research Doctorate or Masters by Research work. The nature of the material being prepared for the research output, the likelihood of success within the 12-­week period and the level of support available to the applicant should also be assessed. Research Centre Directors should provide the recommendation where the student has undertaken their study largely in a Research Centre.

Conditions of award

A Writing‐Up Award cannot be held concurrently with another award offering similar benefits.

An Awardee cannot undertake paid employment during the tenure of the Award of more than twenty (20) hours a week on average. Whilst every effort has been made to comply with Section 51-­10, Item 2.1A Income Tax Act (1997) so that the Award is not taxable in the hands of recipient, no further guarantee can be given by the University. It is the responsibility of individual candidates to seek their own taxation advice www.ato.gov.au.

An Awardee is expected not to undertake overseas travel during the tenure of the Award. The Research Office should be notified in advance should an Awardee be required to travel interstate or overseas.

An Awardee must maintain regular communication (once per week/fortnightly) with his/her HDR Supervisory team throughout the tenure of the award.

An Awardee may be asked by his/her HDR supervisory team to complete a progress report six (6) weeks after the date of commencement of the award.

In general, there is no allowance for leave or extension for an Awardee except in extenuating circumstances.

International applicants must confirm that appropriate visa arrangements are in place to allow them to remain in Australia until the end of the award period.

Final report

Awardees are required to provide a final report (2 pages maximum) to the Research Office and the Primary Supervisor at the conclusion of the Award detailing outcomes. Copies of any research outputs produced should be attached to the final report.

Acknowledgement of support

It is a requirement that Charles Sturt University will be included as a by-line in all research outputs produced and that candidates will acknowledge in their research outputs support received from the Charles Sturt University Writing-Up Award.

Intellectual property

If any marketable intellectual property is generated the University's Intellectual Property Policy should be consulted and/or the Research Office consulted.

Termination of award

The award shall terminate at the end of 12 weeks from the date of commencement of award.

The Research Office may terminate an award before the nominated end period, if the Awardee:

  1. has not satisfied the conditions of award
  2. takes an unapproved leave of absence
  3. has not made satisfactory progress