2019 Research Infrastructure Support Scheme - Application Guidelines

The Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Engagement) is calling for applications for the 2019 Research Infrastructure Support Scheme (RISS).

Important Dates

Applications should be submitted to the relevant Faculty Office or Research Centre by 5pm 28 June 2019

Faculties and Research Centres should forward complete ranked applications to research@csu.edu.au by 5pm 12 July 2019.


The RISS is funded through the Research Support Program (RSP) which is a Commonwealth Research Block Grant. The RSP provides funds to eligible higher education institutions to support the systematic cost of research not supported directly through competitive and other grants.

The objectives of RSP are to:

  • provide a flexible funding stream to support the systematic costs of research by Australian HEP’s, including the costs of Australian competitive grant research
  • support the delivery of world class research
  • support the collaboration between HEPS and industry and other research end-users.

The RSP grant amount is determined on the basis of each institution's relative success in attracting research income.


Applications are a minimum of $40,000 per application unless an exceptional case is made for a lower amount. This is to ensure that each application funded receives a viable level of funding.

Awards made under the 2019 RISS will run until 31 December 2019. All funds must be fully expended by the end of 2019 and no requests for carry forward will be considered except under exceptional circumstances.


CSU administers the RSP scheme allocation according to the conditions for RSP provided by the Department of Education and Training.

Applications must be used for one or more of the following only;

  • non-capital aspects of research facilities;
  • equipment purchase, installation, maintenance, hire and lease;
  • contributions to the salaries of research support staff (including research assistants; accounting and administrative staff; and technicians) employed to provide general support activity in a given area (e.g. a research assistant providing support for a number of research projects but not a research assistant dedicated to a particular project);

Research Infrastructure Support Scheme Applications are not to be used for:

  • capital works (i.e. construction of buildings);
  • rental of accommodation;
  • salaries of teaching and research, and research-only academic staff (including the cost of ‘buying time’ to free such staff to do more research);
  • salaries of staff supporting research at the institutional level;
  • stipends of postgraduate research students; or
  • travel costs.

Selection Process

Applications are to be submitted through the appropriate Faculty Office or Research Centre. For applications including investigators based in both Faculties and Research Centres, the lead investigator must make a decision through which unit to submit in consultation with their co-investigators. All applications must be approved by the relevant Faculty Executive Dean or Research Centre Director.

Applications will then be ranked before being sent onto the Research Office for a final funding decision by the Selection Committee. The Selection Committee will comprise the DVC (Research, Development & Industry) and selected members of the Research Committee.

The following considerations will be included as part of the review process:

  1. How are applications aligned to the CSU Research Narrative?
  2. Are applications directly related to or stemming from projects that are externally funded?
  3. Does the application have support from a number of researchers and show potential to support multiple research projects? Multi-disciplinary applications are particularly encouraged
  4. Will a successful application enhance current collaborations or lead to new collaborative projects within CSU?
  5. Will a successful application lead to new collaborations with external organisations?
  6. Are applications supported by cash or in-kind commitment from a School, Faculty and/or Research Centre?
  7. What is the long term benefit to be gained if the application is funded?
  8. Has the application been fully costed and as appropriate have current quotes or evidence of consultation been provided (see below)?
  9. What is the Faculty or Research Centre ranking of the application?

Evidence of all commitments and/or consultations (#6 and #8 above) must be provided to the Faculty Office or Research Centre by the 28 June 2019 closing date.

Location, Installation and Maintenance of the Equipment/Facility

Many pieces of equipment and major facilities require installation and/or ongoing maintenance. For larger pieces of equipment consideration must be given to the availability of space and the type of space required including any special installation needs (e.g. dedicated air-conditioning, three-phase power, water supply or renovations). Investments in infrastructure also need to take into account ongoing maintenance and support requirements for the equipment and applicants must provide an explanation of how these costs are to be met. Where appropriate, applicants may need to discuss their proposals with the Division of Facilities Management (DFM) and/or technical services staff within the Centre/Faculty in order to determine costs associated with the installation, operation, maintenance and technical staff support of the facility and any health and safety aspects of installing and maintaining the facility. All eligible relevant costs must be included in the application and confirmation provided of consultation with DFM and/or technical services staff.

Application Form

The RISS Application form can be downloaded from our forms page under the heading of Researchers.

Number of Copies Required

Please forward one electronic copy to the relevant Faculty Office or Research Centre by 28 June 2019 with supporting documentation as appropriate.


All questions should be directed to research@csu.edu.au with emails clearly marked RISS for a prompt response.