Notice to Submit - UserGuide


The Notice to Submit (NTS) form facilitates the process for CSU researchers to:

  • Obtain approval from their Head of School or Centre Director to commit workload, funding and resources to external research projects
  • Capture data required to record the research activity of grant personnel in the CSU systems later used for government reporting and internal performance management processes.
  • Record the involvement and approval from all CSU personnel listed on the grant application
  • Obtain approval from the DVC-Research to submit the application on behalf of the University


The Notice to Submit form is required for ALL external research grant applications, prior to the application being submitted to the funding organisation and should be actioned as follows:

  • Lead CSU Investigator is responsible for completing the NTS form, listing all relevant details of CSU personnel on the form who are participating in the funding application
  • Lead CSU Investigator facilitates the gathering of approvals from the listed personnel and their HOS/CD. Lead CSU Investigator is to provide a copy of the application with the circulating Notice to Submit form to allow signing authorities to review commitments made to the project.
  • Lead CSU Investigator to ensure all approvals are obtained and submit with the finalised application to the
  • Research Office for DVC-R approval 10 days prior to the funding body closing date.


1. When should I advise the research office of my intent to submit an application?

As soon as you are intending to prepare or participate in an external grant submission you should email to advise the intent, funding scheme and deadline. The RO will then be aware of the application and can work with you to provide advice and support in the approval process.

2. Do I need to list personnel on the NTS that are not employed by CSU?

No, the NTS is a CSU internal form and therefore should only list CSU personnel involved in the grant application.

3. Do I need to submit the NTS and application before the funding body deadlines if CSU are not the administering University?

Yes, the approvals obtained on the NTS form confirm the University’s commitment to the grant application whether CSU are the administering institution or only a participating institution.  The CSU delegate authorised to make this commitment for CSU is the DVC-Research regardless of who is administering the submission process.

4. What constitutes an application for external research funding?

The application considered necessary to accompany an NTS form could be deemed a project proposal, expression of interest, preliminary application or funding submission – all should follow the same submission and approval process.

5. What happens after the NTS and application form have been given approval by the DVC-Research?

The Research Office Liaison Teams will discuss the submission requirements with you. Once approval is obtained the submission will either be lodged directly to the funding organisation by the Research Office or the Lead CSU Investigator will be advised to progress with submission on the University’s behalf. A record of the proposal and personnel will then be processed in the grant management system – Research Master – and allocated a file number.

6. How do I add personnel to the grant after it has been funded?

If there is a need to add, remove or change personnel on your funded project the NTS form should be completed with the new personnel details, approval obtained and forwarded to for processing.