Expression of Interest (Prospective Research Higher Degree Candidates)

Important Information - before you start the application

It may take you up to approximately 30 Minutes to complete this application. 
Once you have commenced the application, you will not be able to save your progress prior to submission.

Therefore, prior to commencing please ensure that you have the following information ready based on the questions you will be asked

  1. Charles Sturt Student Number (optional)
  2. Supervisor details - if you have contacted an appropriate supervisor within the school
  3. Academic qualifications - Details of the qualifications and your overall Course Grade Average (%) / or Grade Point Average (GPA)
  4. Transcript of highest relevant qualification
  5. CV / Resume
  6. Publication details (if applicable)
  7. Proposed research - with an outline of the objectives/ research questions, methodology and contribution this research would make
  8. Scholarship details (if applicable)
  9. English language proficiency course details (if applicable)

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