Graduate Research Conference

Beyond the Doctoral Degree

For research students, ECRs, supervisors, support staff and prospective students.

Completing your research and thesis are just a part of what you will experience and achieve by undertaking a doctoral degree.  DocFest22 will look beyond the degree at the ‘bigger picture’, on the journey and on the other side.

DocFest22 offers graduate researchers and their supervisors a range of inspiring and informative sessions and will showcase our researchers and their experiences within the University community through a range of interactive workshops, panels, breakout sessions and be presenting the 2022 3-MinuteThesis heats.



No need to Register - just save this link into your calendar for direct access

Direct Access

No need to register.  Click here for direct access to DocFest22.

Keynote Speakers

DocFest22 has a diverse range of keynote speakers, offering presentations and workshops.

Call for Papers

DocFest22 are inviting contributions to various themed breakout sessions.

Call for Posters

Prizes will be awarded to the best poster presentations.

Three Minute Thesis Competition

We are delighted to once again host the 3MT heats as part of DocFest22.


DocFest22 is proudly bought to you by the Office of Research Services and Graduate Studies.  Email any questions or enquiries.