How we support you

Research candidates need high-level, discipline-specific academic writing, research literacies and related skills. Most don't begin their candidature with all the research literacies they need. It's normal to to develop and refine your writing and other research skills during your candidature.

The Academic Literacy Coordinator’s role is to provide support for research candidates, through teaching, consultation, and resources. The table below summarises key resources and activities, and how you can access them.

Resources to help with writing

Online workshops Real-time sessions which you can join online, on a range of topics, for example,
- Developing the literature review
- Overcoming procrastination
Throughout the year Join the Research Writing Resources site in Interact2 to receive announcements about upcoming events and check the professional development calendar.
Resources to help with writing Examples of research proposals, recommended books, links to useful online tools and guides, hand-outs, recorded workshops, and automatic email announcements of upcoming events. Anytime Join the Research Writing Resources site in Interact2 to receive announcements about upcoming events.
Shut Up & Write’, bootcamps and peer writing circles              Regular face-to-face and online meetings for different purposes. Various times, weekly or monthly meetings Email Cassily Charles for more information about joining or starting a group
Individual appointments Discuss your writing or other skills or strategies with the Academic Literacy Coordinator. Meetings may either include supervisors, or just the research candidate. Appointments can be face-to-face, by phone, email, or Skype 4 appointment times available each week Email Cassily Charles

Research Writing Resources group

Research Writing Resources is a site in Interact2. Anyone who is a student or staff member can join.

To access these resources and receive automatic emails about upcoming workshops:

  1. Login to Interact2
  2. Click on Organisations in the top menu
  3. Look under My Organisations to see if you're already a member of Research Writing Resources
  4. If not, search Research Writing Resources
  5. Then hover over the title code (O-RWR) and a drop down arrow button will appear
  6. Click on this arrow and select enrol
  7. After this, it will show up in 'My Organisations' whenever you click 'Organisations'


Workshops are available throughout the year on a range of topics, including:

  • Structuring a literature review
  • Writing more clearly
  • Overcoming procrastination
  • Managing time
  • Presenting your work at a conference
  • and more.

Most workshops are online, so you can join from anywhere with a computer and internet connection.

Individual appointments

You can make an appointment to discuss your writing or other literacies or skills for your research candidature. You are welcome to attend with your supervisor if you would like to. Appointments can be Monday to Friday, either face-to-face on the Wagga Wagga campus or online using Adobe Connect or Skype. Phone appointments are also available

Request Appointment

Meetings and groups

We also hold regular research writing meetings and group sessions for different purposes. These are either online or face-to-face and are at various times, usually weekly or monthly, and are across campuses.

Shut Up & Write

'Shut Up & Write' meetings are in Wagga, Albury, Bathurst, Orange and online. You can join an established group or start a group on a campus or online yourself.

More information

If you have any questions, please contact Cassily Charles, Academic Literacy Coordinator.