Sending Large Files

If using email to an external party is limited due to file size restrictions, you will need to consider data sharing.

For sharing files internally, CSU prefers you share via the S drive on the CSU network. For sharing externally CSU uses a file sending service called Cloudstor which is a service run by AARNET (Australia’s Academic and Research Network). You can access Cloudstor using your student/staff ID and password. It can provide storage of up to 100gb of data free of charge. Cloudstor does not keep your data and all files expire after the specified expiry date. It should not be used to store permanent files.

Cloudstor does not reduce the size of a file, it just makes it easier to transfer large files from one user to another over the internet rather than by email.

The system stores the received file and sends a message to the intended recipient containing a link to the file. By clicking on the link, the recipient can download the file.

A summary of procedures are:

1.  Go to

  • Select ‘Charles Sturt University’ in the list of providers;
  • Log in with your student ID and password.

2.  Select the File Sender link at the top of the page. button and then choose Select Files

  • Ensure the file/s you are uploading is in pdf format;
  • Navigate to and select your thesis file. Once uploaded it will appear in the list of documents immediately under the upload icon.

3.  Send the file link via email

  • In the To: field insert the email address you wish to send the link to – for submission of your thesis for examination –
  • Enter the expiry date for the link (8 weeks from when you are sending the thesis).
  • Include your name and student number in the subject field and that this is the submission of your thesis for examination (E.g. Submission of Thesis for examination – John Smith 12345678).  You may also wish to enter a covering message to the email.
  • select send

4.  If you wish to receive a file from an external party

  • A guest voucher will need to be sent to the recipient to allow them to send you a large file.
  • Click on Voucher on the Cloudstor sidebar and enter the email address of the person who needs to send the large file. Click Send Voucher.

Charles Sturt have further information on how to use Cloudstor.

Cloudstor also have a User Guide.