Job Opportunities

Explore your post PhD Employment options

PostAc® is a learning platform that helps you explore your post PhD employment options. 80% of the job ads suitable for researchers do not contain the keyword ‘PhD’, which means the jobs that call for your research skills are largely hidden in conventional search engines like Seek.  PostAc® contains tens of thousands of recent jobs posted by non-academic employers looking for a person with highly developed research skills.

You can create an account using your address when you log into PostAc®. There is some learning material to assist your explorations and some stories of successful career transitions to inspire you.

Go to PostAc® to explore your job opportunities. Type in your research interests into the search box and use the ‘more jobs like this’ button to refine your search until you find a job you would like to do in the future. Use the skills highlighted at the top of the job ad text to help inform your plan.