Industry Engagement

There are a number of ways you can create opportunities to engage with industry partners that will allow you to build your transferable and professional skills, networks and post-thesis potential.

Gaining experience outside of your academic work, even for a short period, can complement academic development and better prepare you for a range of future career paths. It may allow you to experience professional life in a different context, develop your commercial awareness and business-facing skills, or develop a better understanding of the impact of research.

If an industry mentorship, placement, or internship is something you are interested in you should begin by discussing this with your supervisors. You should also contact to find out more about how this can be administered within your candidature and/or scholarship arrangements.

Find out more about workplace learning opportunities and internships at:

APR Internships

APR Internships connects PhD students with industry through short-term internships across all sectors, disciplines and universities. These opportunities empower students to thrive in a practical research environment and for businesses to innovate and be future-ready.

Voluntary Workplace Learning

Voluntary workplace learning can help you develop a better understanding of a particular role or industry.  There are many benefits of voluntary workplace learning, including:

  • building your professional knowledge and skills
  • gaining relevant workplace experience for your resume
  • having a practical understanding of a job for future job interviews
  • expanding your network of industry connections.