Build Your Research Portfolio

As you move through your HDR program you will begin to acquire a range of skills and training that will be valued by future employers.

Use your Individual Development Plan to assess you training and skills needs and set your goals and priorities and then keep a track of these by developing your skills and training portfolio. Once you start being systematic about collecting evidence of your experience and expertise, you will need to decide where and how to store it.

There are a range of ways you can do this including some great e-portfolio tools.    Visit Vitae UK to find out more about building your e-portfolio and take a look at this short video which introduces the concept and benefits.

A great resource available to all HDR candidates by individual subscription is the Vitae RDF Planner

A web-based program designed for universities and available to all Charles Sturt University candidates and alumni is Pebblepad.  Have a look at the help guides and tutorial videos.

You can also get assistance with this through Careers Mentoring.