Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Futures Institute

We're demonstrating how data science, artificial intelligence, and cyber security can better serve regional communities worldwide.

Our purpose

Our aim is to develop a centre of excellence in regional NSW. We'll do this by:

  • building trustworthy data-driven systems and embedding transparent reporting practices in all AI-related research
  • promoting inclusive interoperable AI design relevant not only to cities, but also to rural areas
  • maintaining ethical integrity of AI-driven designs, which should not exploit rural populations for the benefit of urban systems
  • encouraging respectful co-creation between regions and cities.

Our objectives


Advance research in AI for Regional Futures

Innovate and develop world-class research in data science, artificial intelligence, and cyber security.

We'll do this with a regional AI flavour that supports next generation theoretical developments for society as a whole.


Translate the research to address real-world problems

Ensuring that the Institute’s research is co-created with practitioners and applied to real-world problems, generating the establishment of new businesses, services, and jobs.


Train academic and industrial leaders of the future

Train the next generation of data science, AI, and cyber security academics and practitioners with the necessary breadth and depth of technical and ethical skills to match the Australia’s growing industrial and societal needs.


Position Charles Sturt University as a leader in AI and cyber security research for regional discovery

Develop and highlight the unique expertise of Charles Sturt University in regional and rural AI data, tools, practices, and systems.


Lead the public conversation in AI for Regional Futures

Through agenda-setting research, public engagement, and expert technical advice, drive new and innovative ideas which have a significant influence on industry, government, regulation, or societal views. This includes having an impact on how data science and artificial intelligence research is undertaken in Australia and internationally.

Areas of focus

Defence, cyber security, and biosecurity

  • Defence-aligned as well as civil cyber security risks; defence problems, especially those related to critical infrastructure and Systems of National Significance.
  • Biosecurity threats to regions and how AI as well as human-machine teams can address these problems.

Sustainable behaviours

  • AI and data-driven understanding of behaviour, wellbeing, health policy, and sustainability.
  • Particularly concentrated on but not limited to the regional futures agenda.

Smart and resilient supply chains

  • The complex systems supporting these supply chains in regions and beyond.
  • Theoretical and empirical work to make supply chains more resilient.

Responsible AI

  • Building explainable and responsible AI and data-driven methods, tools, and systems in regions and beyond.


The Institute will be based on the Bathurst campus at Charles Sturt University. This is in readiness for the development of a Charles Sturt Digi-Park.

We will adopt a flexible and distributed work model, where researchers may be based at any Charles Sturt campus. We will also host International Visiting Scholars and Practitioners.

Being based in Bathurst means we can engage with new local partners as well as re-engage with existing partners such as the New South Wales Service’s Land and Property Information Centre.