Extended Reality Centre (XRC)

The Charles Sturt University Extended Reality Centre is a large-scale bid led by academics in the School of Communication & Creative Industries that will enable internal and external research capacity in Virtual, Augmented, Mixed and eXtended Reality with a proposed start date of January 2020.

What is Extended Reality?

Extended Reality is immersive technology made up of:

  • Augmented Reality (objects and information are overlaid in the real world)
  • Virtual Reality (users are immersed in a simulated digital environment)
  • Mixed Reality (where digital and real world objects exist). These technologies help us blend virtual and real worlds.

Our focus

We are proposing the establishment of a world-class research centre in Extended Reality (XR). Our aim is to be part of national Cooperative Research Centre (CRC).

  • Provide internal and external research capacity in Virtual, Augmented, Mixed and Extended Reality.
  • To partner with research industry sectors.
  • Joining Deakin University bids for Extended Reality Cooperative Research Centre.
  • Cement contemporary and future-focused research at Charles Sturt University.

The benefits of Extended Reality

Some examples include:

  • create an immersive experience with face to face connections
  • enable remote collaboration for visual data in real time
  • safe training spaces and remote coaching.

News and Events

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Our project team

To get involved with the project, reach out to our  project team at xrc@csu.edu.au. Lets start the conversations.

Professor Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Eleanor is project lead and is a visual media artist who focus is primarily on scientific exploration and technology, both in the advancement of innovation and in communicating her artistic practice in new and innovative ways, questioning and engaging audience in art, science and technology.

Andrew Hagan

Andrew is a lecturer, co-director of the Australian International Animation Festival (AIAF), Visual Effects Producer & Supervisor, Adobe Certified Expert (ACE), international judge, Autodesk Certified Maya Instructor, with relevant degrees in creative industries.

Dr Sarah Redshaw

Sarah has a Philosophy, PhD and is currently involved in research at Charles Sturt University.

Dr Elizabeth Wulff

Elizabeth is a research officer at Charles Sturt University with a focus on gender equity.