Roles and Responsibilities

Responsible Executive Officer* (REO)

As the REO, the Vice-Chancellor:

  • * Is provided with a report at the conclusion of the assessment or investigation of potential or found breaches of the Code and;
  • * decides on the course of action to be taken.

Designated Officer* (DO)

The Manager, Research Integrity, Ethics and Compliance Unit is appointed as the DO to:

  • * receive complaints about the conduct of research or potential breaches of the Code;
  • * and to oversee their management and investigation where required.

Assessment Officer* (AO)

The Assessment Officer is a person or persons appointed by the University to conduct a preliminary assessment of a complaint about research.

Research Integrity Advisors (RIA)

A Research Integrity Advisor will champion Charles Sturt University policy and procedure in order to foster responsible research conduct.

The RIA roles will engage with university staff, students and public to discuss concerns regarding the conduct of research and provide advice about the options available for progressing or resolving the matter.

If required, the Research Integrity Advisor will also report breaches of the Code to the Designated Officer.

Research Integrity Officer (RIO)

The Research Integrity Officer is responsible for the coordination of the research integrity breach investigation process and providing support to the Research Integrity Advisors network and Designated Officer.

Review Officer (RO)

A senior University staff member with the responsibility for receiving requests for a procedural review of an investigation of a breach of the Code.

* Roles of DO and AO may be performed by the same individual in any one matter, however the role of REO must be performed by a different individual.