Information for researchers requiring ethics approvals from NSW Health

Researchers who need to submit a Human Research Ethics application to NSW Health need to do so through the Australian Online Forms for Research site and are asked not to apply via the NHMRC's HREA portal.  Forms submitted via the NHMRC portal result in an unreadable format at NSW Health.

The NHMRC's  HREA form mistakenly lists the Greater Western HREC as the Greater Western Area Health Service. Any researchers wanting to submit to Greater Western HREC will need to select Greater Western Area Health Service until the error is rectified.

It is a NSW Health requirement that all human research projects affecting the health and wellbeing of Aboriginal people and communities, including projects that focus on Aboriginal people as well as those within which Aboriginal people will be a significant population, in NSW must be reviewed by the Ethics Committee of the Aboriginal Health and Medical Research Council of NSW (AH&MRC - This is the case even if the project has been reviewed by a NSW Health HREC. More information regarding research involving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander relevant to Charles Sturt researchers is available on the website.

Since the Charles Sturt University HREC is not an accredited lead health HREC, NSW Health HRECs cannot accept its approvals under the NHMRC's single centre review scheme. However, Charles Sturt University HREC does accept NSW Health HREC approvals under that scheme. Researchers requiring approvals from both a NSW Health HREC and the Charles Sturt University HREC should seek approval from the Health HREC first, and then submit a Projects already approved by another HREC form to the Charles Sturt University HREC.