Register of Standard Operating Procedures

SOP NumberSpecies SOP Name
AEC SOP001 Cattle Artificial Insemination and Pregnancy Testing in Cattle
AEC SOP003 Pigs Pig Restraint
AEC SOP004 Pigs Intramuscular Injection of Pigs
AEC SOP005 Pigs Collection of Blood in Pigs
AEC SOP006 Sheep Collection of Semen in Sheep
AEC SOP007 Sheep Preparing Teaser Ewes
AEC SOP008 Sheep Palpation of Ram Testicles
AEC SOP010 Cattle Drenching / Mouthing Cattle
AEC SOP011 Cattle Vaccination of Cattle
AEC SOP012 Cattle Measurement of Body Weight in Cattle
AEC SOP013 Sheep Collection of Blood in Sheep
AEC SOP014 Cattle Artificial Insemination in Cows
AEC SOP015 Sheep Collection of Semen by Electro-ejaculation method in Sheep
AEC SOP016 Cattle Ultrasound Pregnancy Diagnosis in Cows
AEC SOP017 Sheep Training of Rams for Semen Collection
AEC SOP018 Cattle Palpation of Genitalia of Cattle
AEC SOP019 Cattle Use of an Artificial Vagina for Cattle
AEC SOP020 Cattle Semen Electro-ejaculation method for Bulls
AEC SOP021 Cattle Oestrus synchronisation in Cows
AEC SOP022 Small Ruminants Oestrus synchronisation of Small Ruminants
AEC SOP023 Horses Cleaning the Equine Perineum
AEC SOP024 Horses Collecting Semen from the Stallion using AV
AEC SOP025 Horses Teasing the Mare
AEC SOP026 Cattle Euthanasia of Stock
AEC SOP028 Cattle Restraint and Inspection of Cattle
AEC SOP029 Cattle Mustering, Drafting and Yarding of Cattle
AEC SOP033 Cattle Caesarean in the Cow
AEC SOP034 Sheep / Goat Oestrus Synchronisation in Ewes and Does CIDR Insertion
AEC SOP035 Small Ruminant Confinement in pens or stalls
AEC SOP037 Rodents Timed Mating of Laboratory Rodents
AEC SOP038 Lab Animals Animal Transport of Rodents
AEC SOP039 Mice Environmental Enrichment Mice
AEC SOP040 Rats Environmental Enrichment Rats
AEC SOP041 Lab Animals Animal Acquisition Receiving and Acclimation
AEC SOP042 Rodents Rodent Quarantine
AEC SOP043 Rodents Bioexclusions Definitions Rodents
AEC SOP044 Rodents Health Status Monitoring Programme Rodents
AEC SOP045 Rodents Rodent Euthanasia
AEC SOP046 Rodents Sentinel Husbandry Rodents
ACEC SOP049HorsePlacement of jugular catheter in horses
AEC SOP051 Horse Artificial Insemination of the Mare
AEC SOP052 Horse Embryo Transfer in the Horse
AEC SOP053 Horse Embryo Collection in the Horse
AEC SOP054 Rodent Euthanasia of rodents using isoflurane
AEC SOP055 Small Ruminant Weighing and Condition Scoring of Small Ruminants
AEC SOP056 Small Ruminant Use of Mating Harnesses
AEC SOP057 Small Ruminant Ear-tagging of Small Ruminants
AEC SOP058 Sheep Application of Branding Fluids for Sheep
AEC SOP062 Sheep Artificial Insemination of Sheep
AEC SOP063 Cattle Bovine Lameness
AEC SOP065 Cattle Collection of Blood in Cattle
AEC SOP066 Bird (Poultry) Handling Chickens for the Purpose of Physical Examination
AEC SOP068 Small Ruminant Pregnancy Testing of Small Ruminants
AEC SOP069Small RuminantSkin Biopsy in Small Ruminants
AEC SOP072 Rodent General Emergency Procedures
AEC SOP073 Ruminant Horse Ruminant and Equine Faecal Egg Count
AEC SOP077 Horse Handling Horses
AEC SOP085 Sheep Collection of Faeces of Sheep
AEC SOP089HorseOperation of High Speed Equine Treadmill
AEC SOP090 Cattle Bovine Uterine Fluid Sample
AEC SOP091 Sheep Surgical Ram Vasectomy
AEC SOP092 Cattle Castration of male calves
AEC SOP093 Horse Synoviocentesis of the tibiotarsal joint in horses
AEC SOP094 Horse Electro acupuncture for horses
AEC SOP095 Horse Application of a nose twitch - horses
AEC SOP096 Horse Blood Collection - Horses
AEC SOP099SheepCollection of Urine
AEC SOP100HorseElectrocardiography in Horses
AEC SOP101 Horses Taking Saliva Samples from Horses
AEC SOP102SheepCollection of milk sample from sheep
AEC SOP103SheepMeasuring Milk Yield in Sheep
AEC SOP104HorsesFocused Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy
AEC SOP105HorsesQuantitative Gait Analysis in Horses
AEC SOP106HorsesTransrectal palpation and ultrasonography in horses
AEC SOP107SheepCT Scanning Sheep
AEC SOP108AlpacaCapture, restraint and handling - alpaca
AEC SOP109AlpacaCollection of colostrum or milk - alpaca
AEC SOP110AlpacaCollection of blood - alpaca
AEC SOP111Small ruminantCollection of fleece sample - small ruminant
AEC SOP112Small ruminantMustering, drafting, yarding small ruminant
AEC SOP113Small ruminantCollection of milk sample from small ruminants
AEC SOP114Dog/CatCanine and Feline Venepuncture
AEC SOP115HorsesRoutine handling of foals and weanlings
AEC SOP116CattleRectal Temperature loggers
AEC SOP117CattleDelayed-Type Hypersensitivity (DTH) Testing in Cattle
AEC SOP118HorsesElectrochemotherapy (ECT)
AEC SOP119FishTransport Procedure for Juvenile and Adult Murray Cod
AEC SOP120CattleBovine Examination per Rectum
AEC SOP121CattleBovine Physical Examination
AEC SOP122DogsNeurological Examination of the Dog
AEC SOP123Bird (Poultry)Euthanasia of chickens
AEC SOP124Bird (Poultry)Blood collection from birds - chicken