Return To Research Funding Scheme 2021

This scheme is designed to facilitate a return to active research for staff in all Faculties of the University.

This is targeted at staff who have taken a significant career break for reasons including, but not limited to, maternity or paternity leave, extended sick leave, carers leave or other circumstances that have required a break from their research activities, and where no other internal or external funds are available to support their research.

Funding can be used to support activities such as external grant submission, data collection and analysis. Note that funding can only be used to cover the costs associated with conducting the proposed research, and not for buying out teaching. The maximum individual request is $5,000.00

Applications, including a detailed budget and prospective research outputs, as well as a supporting letter from the relevant Head of School, should be submitted to

For general information or specific inquiries for discipline areas contact your Faculty Associate Dean Research:

Applications can be made at any time and will be considered on a case by case basis while scheme funding remains available. Each Faculty will have final determination on approval of applications from its staff. More information can be found at - S:\Common\ Temp Folder Less Than 90 Days\Return to Research Funding Scheme 2021