Institutional Biosafety Committee

All staff and students who will be conducting research or practical teaching that involves genetically modified organisms (GMOs) or potentially infectious and/or hazardous agents (including human blood and tissues), or who will be importing biological material, may be required to apply to CSU's Biosafety Committee for approval.

As part of the regulation of biosafety at CSU, the Biosafety Committee has produced the Biosafety Manual. It is intended to provide guidance to staff and students at CSU who handle or are exposed to potentially biohazardous material during their learning, teaching or research. It contains policies, procedures and guidelines that are intended to minimise the risk of infection or injury arising from contact with biohazardous material. It also provides some useful general information in the Appendices. It is not intended to be a comprehensive manual on all aspects of the safe handling of biological material.


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