Ethics and compliance

Ethics and safety in research is managed by our Ethics and Compliance Unit. They cover the areas outlined below.

Human research ethics

We ensure that all research involving human participants is conducted in accordance with the National Statement on the Ethical Conduct in Human Research.

Animal care and ethics

We ensure the welfare of animals through our Animal Care and Ethics Committee (ACEC). Before any vertebrate animal or cephalopod can be used for research or teaching purposes, the researcher must obtain approval from the ACEC.

Defence trade control

We support staff and students to comply with the Defence Trade Control Act 2012. This Act regulates dealings in certain goods, services and technologies that could potentially have applications in matters of defence.


All staff and students who will be conducting research or practical teaching that involves the use anything in the list below may be required to apply to CSU's Biosafety Committee for approval.

Radiation safety

We ensure that CSU complies with all relevant radiation legislation and that radiation safety measures are maintained across the University.

Chemical safety

This committee ensures chemicals are used safely by staff and students. This includes the disposal of dangerous chemicals.