Charles Sturt University Innovation Hub

Emerging Leader of Regional Innovation

Supporting the regions' innovators for over three years, the Innovation Hub has a number of initiatives that help develop ground breakers: from a flicker of an idea to full blown startups. The Innovation Hub offers Incubator programs, founder events, innovation and entrepreneurship programs for university and high school students.

  • Our Purpose

    The mission of the Innovation Hub is to support the development of the start-up ecosystem and SME business innovation in regional NSW by:

    • Supporting human capacity and infrastructure development
    • Supporting other regional development, government and business agencies working towards similar goals
    • Collaborating with local businesses actively supporting start-ups and SMEs.

    The Innovation Hub will achieve these goals through:

    • Tailored incubator programs
    • Offering specialised innovation programs supporting university and high school students

How to get involved

If you would like to participate in one of our Incubation programs, founder events, innovation and entrepreneurship programs for students, or simply learn more about the Innovation Hub, contact us.

Incubator Program Cohort 8

Ready to Launch!

This program will help you take your business, product or service from idea to execution in 10 weeks. This program is perfect for all kinds of new founders – including those who have a day job or are studying.  It's a hands-on, immersive experience that uses Lean Startup principles, to bring your idea to life.

Applications now closed for Cohort 8.

Emerge Series

Charles Sturt University Innovation Hubs brings you.... The Emerge Program: Building Skills for the Future. 

*This Program is for Wagga Wagga High School and University students.

Join us for the Emerge Program where Wagga Wagga students develop skills needed for the future workforce though design thinking and problem solving.

Register your EOI below for the Design Thinking Bootcamps and the Youth Incubator for Wagga Wagga High Schools.

The Founders Collective

The Founders Collective is a warm and supportive community for founders, entrepreneurs and startup folk in regional Australia and provides a community to which founders can belong to share, connect, evolve and grow with others who get the rollercoaster journey of the founder.


Join us for our exciting events, that will help you up your game, sharpen your mind and make you think!​

Stan Grant in conversation with leading water advocate and one of Fortune’s 50 greatest leaders in the world, Mina Guli. Click here to watch this thought provoking and inspired video. Available for a limited time only.

What people are saying

Leanne Sanders

The Ready to Launch Program lit that fire in me to reconnect with my ‘why’ and build that into the business model. Also, discovering how to share Visual Dreaming as a story rather than a business, and learning to pitch that in a way that people could understand, was incredibly confidence-building.

Leanne Sanders Founder of Visual Dreaming Visual Dreaming

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Siobhain Howard

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